Where and how to look for a job?

Looking for a new job ? The most important thing when looking for one is to take an active approach. We will advise you on where to look. One of the crucial things when looking is to take an active interest in your future position. The more resources you use, the better your chances of success. So don’t rely on a single source for your search, but instead combine multiple methods – recruitment agencies, job portals, LinkedIn, referrals and the company website itself. Be aware that not all positions are posted everywhere. Advantages and disadvantages of each option?


The websites of the companies you are interested in working for:

  • Disclosure of most open positions , except for “confidential” projects.
  • Showing direct interest in the company.
  • Risk of responding to an unsuitable position, especially for unexperienced applicants.
  • Often lack of feedback, especially in a negative case.
  • Limited preparation for the interview, only from publicly available information.
  • You may not be aware of the existence of a “super company” / “super position” with a company unknown to you.


Recruitment agencies:

  • More demanding positions, or positions that the client needs to fill quickly / in higher volume, as well as “confidential” positions, or new investors in the market.
  • Career counseling, preparation for client interviews and feedback.
  • Getting multiple referrals based on one interview.
  • Presenting a larger part of the market – the company’s clients.
  • Indirect contact with the employer, which can lead to a prolonged selection process.
  • Not all agencies have quality service/employees.

Internet job portals:

  • Coverage of almost the entire Slovak market except for “confidential” positions.
  • User account facilitating tracking of responses to individual offers.
  • Ability to respond directly/indirectly to the employer.
  • Difficult to navigate the volume of offers, especially for inexperienced applicants.
  • Absence of counselling and therefore limited possibility to prepare for the interview Advertisement mainly in Slovak and English.


Social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook) / Applications:

  • Similar to the online job portal.
  • Offers targeted according to the orientation of the portal/application.
  • For international networks/applications, including international offers.
  • More competition for applicants due to global coverage.
  • Direct marketing = tailored offer, according to your preferences.


Family/ friends /reference/networking:

  • An excellent source of information about the company’s operations/internal conditions and therefore an opportunity to prepare for an interview.
  • Direct positive reference about your person/work.
  • Not everywhere you have this opportunity, and not all of your acquaintances can competently assess whether the company has a suitable position for you.
  • Should you fail, or should the reality of the workplace not correspond with your idea, possible damage to the relationship with someone who recommended you.


Advertising in print and other media:

  • Mainly used for new projects, local projects, junior positions or mass recruitment.
  • Focus on a specific location, type of position or industry.
  • Responsiveness possible in the form of online, offline or in person.
  • Lower efficiency of the candidate’s search for suitable offers.


Employment Service:

  • Assigned contact person/advice.
  • Limited overview of open positions on the labour market.
  • Limited job offers.


Period of unemployment or possible change of job is one of the most psychologically challenging periods. It is important to realise that it is rarely possible for an individual to get a job on the “first try”. It is therefore extremely important to think positively, learn from any setbacks and continue to respond to suitable positions.


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3. August 2022 | Talent Solutions.sk

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