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When does our working day start at Talent Solutions?

No later than 9:00 am, but 7:00 am is fine for an early bird as we have flexible working hours. We can also work from home at least two days a week. Some colleagues also work 100% from home.

We have introduced hybrid workstations at HQ and share office space with colleagues. We use an app to coordinate this, and that gives us the flexibility to determine which days we will be in the office and which days we will work from home.

In practice, this means that we need to be at work from 9 am to 3 pm and can use the remaining hours whenever it suits us. Thanks to the combination of the hybrid model and flexible working hours, we can make it to the doctor’s appointment in the morning, the gym, or run out for shopping or pick up the kids in the afternoon.

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You simply can’t do without collaboration at Talent Solutions

We offer job opportunities within our company at all our locations across Slovakia. Although we have colleagues in different cities and spend a lot of time working from home, we work as a team. Collaboration is essential in our work, so we are looking for team players who are willing to share their success with the rest of the team. It doesn’t matter where we sit, we can connect with our colleagues at any time. Many of us have worked in this industry for many years and we are happy to help and advise each other at any time.

You can grow your career with us

Talent Solutions is constantly growing and so are we, the employees. We have many successful colleagues who have worked their way up to leadership positions with us. One example is our Permanent Placement Director Martin, who started as a personnel consultant and gradually worked his way up to a country-wide management position as a division team leader and department manager. As you can see, we mean it when we say that we offer growth opportunities at Talent Solutions. We care about our colleagues and want them to feel that they can apply their skills and grow, both horizontally and vertically.

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Benefits that make our work more pleasant

Although we consider the pleasant atmosphere and great team the biggest advantages at Talent Solutions, we also enjoy many other benefits that our company offers. We always present them in detail to our future colleagues at the interview, here are at least a few of them:

  • flexible working hours and hybrid work (50% home office / 50% office)
  • 5 days off in addition to vacation days, birthdays off
  • 90% employer contribution to a meal allowance
  • option to use Multisport card training allowance of your choice
  • teambuilding activities, fruit days
  • referral program, competitions, awards, and many other benefits.

Flexible, dynamic, and motivated – that’s our team

That’s why working at Talent Solutions is for people who like a dynamic environment, which is reflected in the mood of our team. At the same time, everyone here has the opportunity to find the area that is closest to their heart, as we look for jobs for our candidates in a variety of industries. We are specialists in finding talent, which is why we also carefully select colleagues for our team. We give opportunities to smart people with potential, regardless of age or gender.

After reading these lines, do you feel you would fit in with us? Take a look at the current open positions, respond to the offer, and wait to hear back from Erika or Karin, our HR experts. If you don’t find what you’re looking for but would like to be part of our team, feel free to send your CV to our database, and together we’ll work something out  😉

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