Entry documents – which are the most common?

The most common documents:

  • Employment contract – compulsory for employment
  • Agreement on the temporary assignment of an employee in the case of agency employment
  • Declaration for the taxation of personal income from dependent employment on commencement of employment
  • Employee’s notice to claim deduction – if applicable
  • Notification and affidavit – students and pensioners – if applicable
  • Consent to the processing of personal data – if applicable
  • Material responsibility agreement on commencement of employment ( if the employee works with cash, etc.)
  • Declaration for the taxation of personal income from employment Agreement for electronic delivery , if this option is provided Declaration for the choice of the form of meal allowance
  • Employee’s notice to claim health insurance deductible – if applicable
  • Notification to claim exemption from pension insurance (student, pensioner)
  • Agreement on material responsibility, on deductions from wages, on temporary assignment
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19. July 2022 | Talent Solutions.sk

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