Why should you ask a recruitment agency for a help when you are looking for a job?

Here are a few reasons why you should ask a recruitment agency for help when looking for a job.

You will find your way around the world of work faster.

Nowadays, where the job offer exceeds the number of potential candidates, and we are therefore talking about the employee market – it is good to know how to make the right choices. Job offers “attack” us from every media, we are directly addressed by them or we are not 100% satisfied in our current job and are considering a change. What is the best way to find your way in the sea of ​​job offers and how to detect whether the company promises more than it actually offers? In this case, it can help if you use cooperation with a personnel agency. The added value of a recruitment agency for a candidate is to offer him/her a better chance of employment and to choose the best employer for him/her.

Experienced consultants will be here for you throughout the entire recruitment process.

Consultants have much more information at their disposal than the applicant can find out from freely available sources. Also, in some cases, agencies offer exclusive positions that you cannot get to any other way. After interviewing the candidate, the consultant approaches the candidate with relevant offers that meet their requirements, fit their profile, as well as taking into account our knowledge of the company’s culture and vision with the candidate being the main character. The candidate is prepared for an interview at the client, and thus such  candidate should have an advantage compared to a candidate who applies “directly”, because he/she knows what awaits for him/her. In addition, the consultant assists in obtaining feedback from the client which helps in the negotiation of the final offer.

Added value for the candidate in a cube:

⇒ Professional companies do not charge candidates any fees for this service, nor does this process have any impact on a candidate’s future salary.

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29. July 2022 | Talent Solutions Slovakia

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